Profiles: May 2015

A.,  a 53 years old divorcee, from the former Soviet Union, lives with her two daughters, and two grandchildren, in a small town along the northern coast. One daughter is 15 and the other is in her early 20’s, herself a divorcee with two young children. A. and her older daughter support the family by working as office cleaners; they receive no alimony or child support. A. was diagnosed with breast cancer in October and is currently getting chemotherapy treatments and is too weak to work. Her sick leave has run out and the family of five is struggling to make ends meet on the older daughter’s small salary. In addition, the hospital is more than an hour away, and traveling on several buses after treatments is very difficult for A. The Lemonade Fund awarded A. a grant to help her with transportation and living costs during this critical time. We wish her a speedy recovery.

C., is a 67 year old retiree from the south. She is divorced and living alone on a pension of less than NIS 3000 per month. Her breast cancer recurred after almost 20 years and is now stage IV, metastatic, having spread throughout her body. She is weak and needs extra help in many ways. Her social workers turned to the Lemonade Fund to ask for financial assistance for C. and a grant was awarded.

Thank you for helping us help these patients.

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Second Annual Women’s Health Awareness Evening

2015 womens health awareness event flyer

Profiles March 2015

L., originally from Uzbekistan, is a married grandmother who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer recently. She and her husband, who is disabled, are the legal guardians of their 12 year old grandson, who lives with them. Until her diagnosis L. was the family breadwinner, but due to treatments, she can no longer work. Now the small family is living solely on her husband’s disability, and National Health Insurance benefits for her and her grandson, and they are in financial distress. The Lemonade Fund awarded them a grant to help them through this difficult time.

M., a 30 year old young mother from a remote town in the south, was diagnosed with breast cancer in her second trimester of pregnancy. She and her husband had a successful salon before her diagnosis but M. hasn’t been able to work during treatment and her husband has had to reduce his hours in order to help M., as well as to care for their 4 other young children. Disability hasn’t yet come through and they have fallen into debt. They’ve had to leave their home and move in with M.’s parents. Their application to the Lemonade fund was granted and it will help them pay for childcare, daily living expenses and transportation to the hospital.

This month’s Lemonade Fund Profiles is dedicated to Etana Gordon Friedman, z’l, who passed away this month, after a long battle with breast cancer. Etana was a good friend of the Lemonade Fund, an inspiration. We are fortunate to have known her.

Baruch Dayan Emet: Etana Gordon Friedman

etana The Lemonade Fund is deeply saddened to report the passing of our wonderful friend and supporter, Etana Gordon Friedman, Etana Sara bat Hadassah. As a breast cancer patient herself, Etana helped the Lemonade fund assist impoverished Israeli breast cancer patients. She seemed to always be thinking of others, first her loved ones, and then those who were less fortunate. We send our love and support to her family during this difficult time. Baruch dayan emet. This photo was taken at a concert that Etana’s marvelous children created and performed in, as a ‘segula’ for healing. Admission was charged so that all monies could be donated to two charities that were dear to Etana. One was a local Petach Tikvah soup kitchen and the other was the Lemonade Fund. Substantial funds were raised and we honored Etana’s request that all monies donated from this event be earmarked for widows and orphans. Etana was an inspiration and we honor her memory.

Profiles: January 2015

M., is a young married mother of two young children (ages 2 and 1) from the south. She was recently diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and her hospital social worker applied to the Lemonade Fund for financial assistance for her. M. is unable to work as she is undergoing neoadjucant chemotherary, which will hopefully shrink her tumor prior to surgery. Following surgery, M. will undergo weeks of radiation. Her husband has his own small business, but he’s had a hard time juggling work and care for his wife and small children, and his business has suffered.  M. is additionally traumatized as she lost her mother to breast cancer recently. She and her mother had been very close, and her extended family is unable to help her. The Lemonade Fund issued a grant to M. to help her and her husband weather this difficult period and we wish them well.

C., in her thirties, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in July. Her marriage ended in September and she is now the single mother of an 8 year old. C. is a professional, who had a good job prior to her diagnosis, but her deteriorating health has made it impossible for her to continue working and she has exhausted her work benefits. She has no savings, and alimony and National Health Insurance (Bituach Leumi) payments leave her with just enough money for necessities. Catastrophic illness brings with it extra costs, such as the need for babysitting, household help, transportation, etc., and we at the Lemonade Fund are grateful to be able to help with these kinds of ancillary costs. We hope that the grant we gave C. will help ease her financial stress so that she can concentrate on recovery. Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more young people with breast cancer.

People of all ages need have extra expenses when they fall ill, but young parents seem to have even more. Please help us to help them. Thank you!

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Recent thank you letters from Lemonade Fund Grant Recipients

thank you letters 2014

Confidentiality protected. Nice to hear how the work of the Lemonade Fund is helping Israeli breast cancer patients. In their own words.

New Year Profiles in Courage

A., 26, single and from the south, originally from Uzbekistan, was recently diagnosed in October with stage IV breast cancer. The cancer had already spread to A.’s bones and liver and she is in a great deal of pain. She has moved back to live with her parents, as she is no longer able to care for herself. Her mother is also being treated for breast cancer, but is still able to help her daughter. However, between caring for her daughter and keeping up with her own treatments, A.’s mother had to stop working, and her father had lost his job.  The family is struggling to make ends meet. Their application for a Lemonade Fund grant was approved.

C., is a man from the center of the country who has been beset with health problems for most of his life He is currently battling a recurrence of breast cancer. 1% of breast cancers occur in men, and C. is the second male applicant to the Lemonade Fund. He lived with his mother following his first diagnosis, and she helped him financially afterwards. She has since died, and he is now living with his brother who suffers from mental illness himself, and can’t be of much assistance to C. Having lymphedema and diabetes has made it increasingly difficult for C. to move and get around. He is unable to work and is in severe financial crisis. His social worker submitted an application to the Lemonade Fund on his behalf and a grant was issued to him to help him get through this difficult period.

2015 has started out with a record number of applications to the Lemonade Fund. Please consider making a contribution so that we can continue to help the country’s neediest breast cancer patients. Thank you.

Profiles: December 2014

The Lemonade Fund has been quietly working hard.

Since September 2011, more than 120 disadvantaged Israeli breast cancer patients have received financial assistance to help them cope with the costs of being seriously ill.

The story of L.

L., a 76 year old widow from Netanya, lives in subsidized housing and her only source of income is her National Insurance payment, NIS 2,505 ($652) per month. Her recent diagnosis of breast cancer brought with it extra costs for travel to the hospital for treatment as well as assorted other non-covered health-related expenses. L. began to experience extreme anxiety due to her severe financial crisis and was referred to the Lemonade Fund by her hospital social workers. L. received a Lemonade Fund grant which is giving her the cushion she needs to relax and concentrate on getting well. We wish L. a speedy recovery.

The Lemonade Fund operates throughout Israel, helping breast cancer patients regardless of nationality, race, religion or sex. Statistics show that illness can propel a family into bankruptcy within six months. The Lemonade Fund has become the known breast cancer emergency financial assistance program in Israel. Patients now know that there is somewhere to go for help when they are most desperate. Please help the Lemonade Fund continue it’s good work.

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