Jennie Kaufmann’s Inspirational Bat Mitzvah

A huge thank you to a young woman who did an exceptional thing recently for the staff and patients at the Meir Hospital Breast Center in Kfar Sava, Israel. Jennie Kaufmann, 12, from Raanana, Israel, took on a Chesed project in honor of her Bat Mitzvah which was straight from her heart. Jennie has a talent for making all kinds of soaps and beauty products that are gorgeous and all natural. (This hobby is turning into a fledgling business. I plan to be one of her best customers…let me know if you want in…) She also designs lovely gift baskets.




Jennie heard about the Lemonade Fund ( and decided that she wanted Lemonade Fund grant recipients, or any other woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer, to receive her gift baskets. Together with her mother and sister, she met with Dr. Amalia Magen, Dr. Tzvi Koyfman, and others from the staff at the Meir Hospital Breast Center. In addition to learning a bit about the current state of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, she delighted the staff with her personality and her beautiful gifts. She will surely brighten the days of those women coming in for dreary doctors appointments. How dark and fearful those early days can be! How lovely to leave with a surprise gift that shows such care and thoughtfulness. I understand from her Mom that Jennie also decided to donate a portion of her Bat Mitzvah gift money to the Lemonade Fund.


It is refreshing to hear about a young girl who intrinsically understands that a Bat Mitzvah is about something larger than herself. Jennie seems to get that coming of age means being part of the wider human community where we all responsible for one another. Many thanks, Jennie.


4 responses

  1. Madolyn Cohen Geldbart | Reply

    So beautiful…..
    I am a friend of her grandmother’s and grandfather’s in Charleston, S.C. Have known her Mommy since she was born. I no longer live in Charleston, but wonderful to read these wonderful things on the internet!

  2. Bobbi Spitz. She makes live worth living for so many.What a wonderful young lady. NI know that her grandparents are so proud,k

  3. sylvia greene How wonderful She has helped make a trying time a lot better Mazel tov to alll

  4. Jennie is keeping up a long tradition of Tikkun Olam in her grandfather’s family. Way to go Jennie! Love Aunt Caren

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