Year 2012 Lemonade Fund!


In 2012, the Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund (IBCERF) will have given at least 28 grants, ranging from NIS 1000 – NIS 4000, to breast cancer patients in financial crisis, from all across Israel. We have given grants to patients from the Golan to Eilat, to Jew, Arab and Christian, from many countries of origin. Breast cancer doesn’t spare any ethnic group. Very gratified that we could make the terrifying period immediately post diagnosis, that much easier.

To donate: (Please designate donation to the IBCERF online or by check.)


By Telephone: Call the ESRA office and make your donation by credit card (09-950-8371).

By Check:
Tax Exempt Donations in Israel
: Mail checks to ESRA, POB 3132, Herzliya 46104
Tax Exempt donations from the United States of America can be given via:
P.E.F. Endowment Funds, Inc., Room 607
317 Madison Avenue,
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-599-1260.

Tax Exempt donation from the United Kingdom and other countries:
Please contact the ESRA office to find out the best way of making your donation to ESRA from your country.
Call or send an email to ESRA +972-9-9508371

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