Thanks to the support of the Inbar and Marius Nacht Family Foundation, in partnership with GETT Taxi, the Israel Lemonade Fund EMERGENCY TAXI RIDES FOR CANCER PATIENTS APPEAL, is now able to expand to provide free taxi rides TO chemo/radiation treatments for needy cancer patients with ANY kind of cancer! (Not limited to breast cancer.)

On March 8, as public transportation was becoming restrictive, the Israel Lemonade Fund launched a TAXI appeal for needy breast cancer patients who had no way to get to their treatments. Thanks to the many of you who donated, we have been subsidizing taxi rides for patients since then.

When life give you lemons, make lemonade.  That has been the motto of The Lemonade Fund which has provided emergency financial assistance to breast cancer patients in Israel since 2011.  Life has given all us of lemons right now, but we can all keep on making lemonade. If you or someone you love needs taxi rides to cancer treatments, forward the application form to your hospital social worker so that he/she can submit an application for you. (Applications must come from hospital social workers.)

Link to Application Form:

To make a donation to the Israel Lemonade Fund:

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