OUR MISSION:  To quickly and compassionately deliver direct financial assistance, easing some of the financial burdens that accompany breast cancer so that patients can concentrate on the more important challenge of getting well.

 OUR GRANTS: We provide grants to cover illness-related expenses, providing a financial and emotional boost during a time of confusion and devastation. Social service assistance exists, but takes time to implement, time patients often don’t have. There is a compelling need to provide immediate direct financial assistance to help cover expenses not covered elsewhere. A few examples of these out of pocket expenses:
  • Transportation to doctor appointments or extra medical care and treatments. Hospital parking.
  • Second opinions, prescribed medications, not covered by insurance
  • Costly special clothing, wigs, prostheses.
  • Extra childcare, household help and other  family support

OUR APPLICANTS:  We work with social workers and staff at local hospitals and breast centers to identify and screen applicants based on demonstrated financial need.


“The donation helped me buy drugs to alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy, items that weren’t covered by my insurance.” The donation also let me be more relaxed about the needs of my daughter and we are less worried now. It gave me strength to continue and cope” – M, a single mother.

“I will not be able to forget this first push, this first step that you gave me, IBCERF, in your financial support that you granted me that enabled my first step toward winning. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget this. “Anyone who saves a single soul of Israel, it is as if he has established an entire world.”” – Z. , retired widow.


“We would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for your significant  activities in the area of providing personal help to patients with breast cancer. The “Lemonade Fund” has, to date, assisted many patients at our center, by granting immediate financial aid to women suffering from breast cancer who find themselves in very stressful situations..”


Why the nickname, ‘Lemonade Fund?’ A few months before my 50th birthday, in July 2010, I went for a routine mammogram and learned I had breast cancer. What followed was difficult, but words cannot describe how grateful I am that it was caught early and that I am feeling fine. During the first year after my diagnosis, I was shocked to learn how expensive it was to have a serious illness,  and I decided to start a fund to assist needy Israeli breast cancer patients as they were going through treatment. By alleviating financial stress we can help breast cancer patients and their families to focus on recovery.
Life threw me some lemons, and out of them came lemonade, thus…the Lemonade Fund. The Lemonade Fund has grown, and is now helping impoverished Israeli breast cancer patients, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, from all over Israel, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.
-Shari Greenwald Mendes

To apply for assistance: Contact Anat at ESRA  Tel: 09 950 8371 or email: admin@esra.org.il.  An application form will be sent to you.
 To contact us: info@lemonadefund.org
To Donate:
Your donation, for which you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt, can be made in the following ways:
  • By Telephone: Call the ESRA office and make your donation by credit card (972) (9-950-8371).
  • By Check:
  • (Israeli checks should be made payable to ‘ESRA.’ Please attach a note earmarking the donation to ‘The Lemonade Fund.’)
  • In Israel, please mail checks to: ESRA, Lemonade Fund, POB 175, Raanana, ISRAEL, 43101-01
  • (American Checks should be made payable to ‘PEF.’ Please attach a note earmarking the donation to ‘ESRA/The Lemonade Fund.’)
  • In the US, please mail checks to: P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc., 630 Third Ave., Suite 1501, New York, NY 10017. Tel: 212-599-1260.
  • Tax Exempt donation from the United Kingdom and other countries: Please contact Irene at the ESRA office to find out the best way of making your donation to ESRA from your country. Call ESRA +972-9-9508371, email: admin@esra.org.il

The fund is need-based and is administered in coordination with ESRA, a non-profit organization (Israeli Amuta No. 580037455), which for more than 20 years has been involved, in Israel, in providing help for those in need, www.esra.org.il. ESRA is an extremely efficient charity with only 8% of donated funds going to administrative costs.


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