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לימונדה ישראל

Urgent: Rushing to Help Breast Cancer Patients During Holidays and Lockdown

We are seeing an unprecedented number of requests for emergency financial aid right now. We are rushing to send funds to breast cancer patients and their families, who are in crises. On top of breast cancer, for many of our applicants, Corona has caused job loss, layoffs or an inability to be in a risky job setting. Lockdown will now add a new layer of difficulty. Most applicants need help supplementing basic living costs (food, rent, transportation to treatments, etc.)

Oncology social workers throughout the country are contacting us NOW due to the severe economic toll on their patients. Approved applicants are getting their grants immediately. Lemonade Fund grants are more than just money. They are a sign that these families are not alone, that we are all with them.

9 Lemonade Fund grants sent last week…one among them…

T. Single mother of 3 young children, fired from her job, then dx with Stage 4 Triple Negative BC. Desperate situation.

Please consider donating to the Lemonade Fund at this critical time.

Thanks for your support. A happy and a healthy New Year. May this be a time of new beginnings.


Lemonade Fund…helping Israeli breast cancer patients since 2011.

THIS LIFE MATTERS – Lemonade Fund June 2020

M. was smuggled to Israel from Sudan in 2011. He had become an activist against the Sudanese government (after witnessing the murder of his parents, siblings and oldest child,) and it was dangerous for him to stay. The resistance helped M. reach Israel, and once here he was detained and then granted political asylum. Despite his rescue he was distraught about abandoning his wife and two young children in Sudan. Finding work was challenging, and then in 2015 M. was diagnosed with breast cancer (1% of breast cancer occurs in men.) He received treatment at Israeli hospitals and was released.

A few years ago, with the aid of a local charity that helps refugees, M. was able to relocate to subsidized housing in Jerusalem where he found work. He suffers from PTSD, nightmares and psychological problems, in addition to a slipped disc and diabetes. He is obsessed with worry about his family.

M. was referred to the Lemonade Fund after being diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer this year, which has made it impossible for him to work. By June, M. had a balance of 23 shekels in his bank account. He will qualify for National Insurance disability payments, but this help isn’t immediate. Until it comes through, the emergency grant M. received from the Lemonade Fund last week will afford him dignity and calm while he undergoes treatment.

The Lemonade Fund gives emergency financial support to needy Israeli breast cancer patients, of any race, religion, age or sex, so that they can focus on recovery.

Your donation will also help us continue our special program: TAXI RIDES FOR ISRAELI CANCER PATIENTS DURING CORONA.

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Photo of Clinic for Refugees run by Israel Magen David Adom

A Corona Miracle: Getting Cancer Patients to Their Treatments During Corona

Here is the sunshine that was borne out of the darkness of this pandemic. Feel good, feel proud. What can happen when we all care for each other.

Based on an actual story.

It’s early February, 2020 and A., a 48 years old divorced mother of two, has been diagnosed with a fast-growing cancer. Her doctor informs her that she needs to start weekly treatments, immediately. She lives in the north, about an hour from Haifa, but there’s a direct bus she can take. Stories about the novel Covid 19 virus begin to appear on the evening news, but she’s distracted by her own worries.

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Thanks to the support of the Inbar and Marius Nacht Family Foundation, in partnership with GETT Taxi, the Israel Lemonade Fund EMERGENCY TAXI RIDES FOR CANCER PATIENTS APPEAL, is now able to expand to provide free taxi rides TO chemo/radiation treatments for needy cancer patients with ANY kind of cancer! (Not limited to breast cancer.)

On March 8, as public transportation was becoming restrictive, the Israel Lemonade Fund launched a TAXI appeal for needy breast cancer patients who had no way to get to their treatments. Thanks to the many of you who donated, we have been subsidizing taxi rides for patients since then.

When life give you lemons, make lemonade.  That has been the motto of The Lemonade Fund which has provided emergency financial assistance to breast cancer patients in Israel since 2011.  Life has given all us of lemons right now, but we can all keep on making lemonade. If you or someone you love needs taxi rides to cancer treatments, forward the application form to your hospital social worker so that he/she can submit an application for you. (Applications must come from hospital social workers.)

Link to Application Form:

To make a donation to the Israel Lemonade Fund:

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Making Lemonade with Honey

We’ve been busy this past year,

making Lemonade out of Lemons…

K, a divorced mother of 3 children, ages 6, 13 and 21, from the south, was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time.
A Special Ed teacher, K. has used up her sick pay, and has gone into debt. Her ex-husband, a drug addict, pays no alimony. K. has developed an anxiety disorder from the stress and she is having a hard time focusing on her treatment because she is so fearful about the family finances.
The Lemonade Fund awarded K. an emergency financial relief grant to help her get through this difficult time.

W., a young widow from Ethiopia, mother of 2 sons, 16 and 21, diagnosed in 2015 with breast cancer. Has spread and is Stage IV.
W. works to support her sons in any way that she can, as a cleaner, cook, babysitter, etc. Her younger son is in boarding school and her older son is in prison. She cannot work due to her illness, and she has used up all of her savings. She was consumed with worry about how she will pay tuition for her younger son, who helps her on weekends. She has become very depressed and in need of support from any direction.
The Lemonade Fund awarded W. an emergency financial relief grant to help her get through this difficult time.

This is what we do…all year. All over the country…

Since last Rosh Hashanah we have given grants to breast cancer patients from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat. 25% increase in grants over last year.

Please consider making a holiday donation to the Lemonade Fund. We are Israel’s only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund, giving one-time grants to indigent Israeli breast cancer patients while they are in active treatment so they can focus on getting well. Thank you!!!!


Introducing our new International arm…
ISRAEL LEMONADE – לימונדה ישראל…

Since we began work in 2011, the need has only increased. In light of this, the Lemonade Fund has established an International arm, ISRAEL LEMONADE, a registered independent Israeli amuta (charity,)  in order to apply for grants from foundations that support women’s health issues around the world and increase our fundraising capacity.


1. Increase the number of yearly grants. Expand our reach to serve every Breast Center in Israel. (Almost  there!)

2. Increase the value of each grant. People simply need more help than we can currently give. If we could raise the amount of our average grant, we would have more impact on the lives of each patient. Our average grant is currently NIS 2100. We would like to raise this to NIS 3500.

3. Long range goal. To expand to help Ovarian Cancer patients as well. These patients need help desperately and we have the system in place. What we lack is funding.



ISRAEL LEMONADE wishes to thank Eli Wilchek, Ido Einat and Shneor Ofen of the Law Firm of Cohen, Wilchek and Co. in Ramat Gan, for donating their time, pro bono, to help us register our new amuta!!!! THANK YOU!

The ESRA Lemonade Fund is a vibrant and proud part of ESRA, as one of their welfare funds. We are grateful to all of the staff at ESRA, Terry, Baruch, Sunny, Irene, Anat, Sandra, Adele, Merle and the many volunteers who help us help Israeli breast cancer patients, throughout the year.

Thanks to Danni and Eli and the staff at MyIsrael who support our work year after year.

Finally, thank you to all of our supporters throughout Israel and the world. Without you we could not improve the lives of Israeli breast cancer patients.

Wishing everyone a good new year, filled with health, happiness and blessings. May we go from strength to strength.


Profiles in Courage – August 2019

K, a divorced mother of 3 children, ages 6, 13 and 21, from the south, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and it came back this past year. She has a long road ahead of her, first chemo, then surgery, then radiation. She is a Special Ed teacher who has used up most of her sick pay, and she has gone into debt to pay for basics. Her ex-husband is a drug addict who pays no alimony. K. has developed an anxiety disorder from the stress and she is having a hard time focusing on her treatment because she is so fearful about her finances. The Lemonade Fund awarded K. an emergency financial relief grant to help her get through this difficult time.

The Lemonade Fund is Israel’s only breast cancer emergency relief fund, helping Israeli breast cancer patients in financial crisis. Our application rate is rising and we need your help. Please donate:

To learn more about what we do, watch our short movie clip:

Thank you!