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NOW! Your Donation Will Be Matched!

  • A donor has come forward and offered to cover half of the costs of our expansion, NIS 25,000 ($7,000,) challenging us to match his grant, shekel for shekel, dollar for dollar, to raise the other half.
  • Your donations will be matched by this donor. You can be part of this incredible initiative, helping indigent Israeli breast cancer patients in financial crisis due to illness!
  • Please consider a donation of an average grant, NIS 2,100 ($590,) or for ANY AMOUNT towards our goal of NIS 25,000 ($7,000,) 

Typical story. Last week the Lemonade Fund received an urgent request from a city Social Worker to pay the utility bills of a breast cancer patient who is also a victim of domestic violence. Single mother with 4 children. We did…

The Lemonade Fund is the only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief charity in Israel, and over the last year we have doubled the amount of money we are giving due to the pressing need.

Thank you!

To donate:

Lemonade Fund Requesting Emergency Aid for the New Year

  1. N., 34 years old, diagnosed with advanced breast cancer while pregnant with her third child. N. gave birth, but has been and will be hospitalized for while. Husband needs to hire a mitapelet (babysitter) to help him care for the infant and other two children so that he can work. Extended family and husband have used up all of their work vacation days and extra funds. N.’s Social Worker is appealing to the Lemonade Fund to help this family.
  2. K., 42, is a divorced mother of three children, a victim of domestic violence. Despite this, she had worked hard in the last few years since leaving her husband, to start a new life. She took out a loan to go back to school, but was then diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn’t work or stay in school through the treatments. She is the sole support for herself and her children and is now in severe financial distress. The Lemonade Fund will help her get through this difficult period.
  3. A., 32 years old, lives in a large village in the Galil, far from the hospital where she is being treated for stage 4 breast cancer. In addition, her young son was recently diagnosed with leukemia and he is being treated in a separate hospital. Though her husband and family are very supportive, the travel costs for her treatments are significant. The formerly solvent family is being pushed to the limit by the auxilliary costs of these serious illnesses. A.’s Social Worker submitted an application to the Lemonade Fund for help with transporation costs, NIS 2500.

Three examples of current need at the Lemonade Fund. Many others as well. All donations are tax deductible, in Israel or the US. Thank you.

Young Family Asking for Help

The Lemonade Fund was notified of a family in the Sharon area that needs help. The mother, suffering from late stage breast cancer, is in intensive care. The father said that what he and his children want most right now is for people to pray (and recite psalms) for his wife. He said it would comfort them greatly to know that this is happening. His wife’s name is Bracha Rachel Yetta bat Hindel. (The name Bracha was added this week.) At some later point we may be called on to help the family in other ways, such as with meals or financial assistance, but for now they are asking only for prayers. Thank you.

Breast Cancer Patient requests your prayers and good deeds

A good friend of the Lemonade Fund, Etana Sarah bat Hadassah, is herself undergoing a biopsy today to determine the extent of the spread of cancer to her abdomen and liver. She has asked that we pray for her and do good deeds. She is an amazing woman who has never complained, has only asked, during each bout with this illness, that we pray and do good to others, in her name. She may see this as part of her ‘medicine,’ and it has been working. Many have been helped, thanks to her. She has been fighting this disease for a while and we are with her in the hope that our actions can help her continue in her fight.

Thank you.

The Lemonade Fund


    Social Workers at Meir Hospital have contacted the Lemonade Fund for help with food prep for a very ill single Mom from Kfar Saba. To sign up to prepare and deliver a meal please write

Transportation Assistance Needed

Request for TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE from social workers for a past Lemonade Fund recipient who has now been newly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones. Patient needs rides to and/or from Taibe to Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava. Even driving her one way, once, would help if we get enough volunteers. Or, you can help financially – we would like to raise NIS 500 for a special one time transportation grant for her. She is 54, single, a former factory worker, now unable to work. She has been taking several buses each day, but this is not easy given her condition. Email: Thank you!

Lemonade Fund offering meal assistance to local breast cancer patients


The Lemonade Fund is an Israeli organization that gives financial assistance to needy Israeli breast cancer patients who are in active treatment, Recently, a local friend and supporter of the Lemonade Fund needed help herself… help of a different kind. She knew it would be challenging to prepare healthy meals, for herself and her family, while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The Lemonade Fund asked for volunteers to cook meals for her, and the response was overwhelming. At the same time, a social worker at a breast center in a nearby hospital mentioned that there are some patients who are completely alone, and who could use a kindly delivered, home-cooked meal more than anything, We are seeing a need, one that our generous community is able and eager to fill, and thus was born the idea of adding meal assistance to the menu of services offered by the Lemonade Fund.

If you’d like to prepare a meal now and then for a patient from the Raanana/Herziliya/Kfar Saba area, please send an email to and the Lemonade Fund will let you know how to sign up. The process is simple and straightforward and doesn’t involve long term commitment. Can even be a one-time thing. Please share this post.

How lucky are we that we can come together to help each other in this way! Thank you.

Teenagers looking for summer volunteer opportunity?

This is a position that can be done in the comfort of your own home, alone or with friends, using a screen, even Facebook! The Lemonade Fund has pages of content, on our website and Facebook page, written in simple English, that need to be translated into Hebrew. (On another note, eventually we would love to translate into Arabic, Russian and Amharic,  as well.  Feel free to dive into these languages, too!) We also have plenty of other opportunities involving the continued development of our website and our Facebook page. No professional experience required, just enthusiasm and energy. Please contact the Lemonade Fund at