Movie: What the Lemonade Fund Does סרט גם בעברית

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  1. darren daniella tannenwald | Reply

    i loved your video. i think your organization is outstanding. i am in the process of undergoing chemotherapy after double mastectomy. i have stage 3 IDC. i was invited to a barmitzvah. my doctor suggested i dont go because of the crowd of people. This Barmitzvah family have everything and more. But i must give a gift. i would like to give a few shekels (since i too, am in financial stress since i cannot work), to the lemonade fund. Is it possible to receive a letter of donation , after i have donated, so that i can send it to the barmitzvah boy . thank you daniella

    1. HI, I am so embarrassed that you may not have received a reply to the post! So sorry. In any case, hope you’re doing well. Best to reach us at Please do not be embarrassed to apply for a grant if you need one. All of us who have been through breast cancer know that it can be rough going financially while you’re in treatment. That’s why the fund was created, for anyone who finds themselves in need during treatment.

      If you still would like to donate, go to the to donate page on the website. Arrangements can be made for a letter to be sent to the Bar Mitzvah boy. Best to call our office or write an email to whom the letter should be sent.

      Wishing you well!

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