Profiles in Courage: August Lemonade Fund Grant Recipients

Lemonade Tales:
Profiles of Two Brave Women Who Received IBCERF (Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund) Grants this Month, August 2012.
N., a Russian-Jewish immigrant from the Sharon area, with 5 children, youngest of whom are 1 year old twins. Divorced and diagnosed in July with late-stage breast cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy treatment in order to shrink tumor prior to surgery. Unable to work due to side effects of treatment. Even with state benefits, family is near destitute. IBCERF (Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund) grant awarded, August 19, 2012.
A., an Israeli Arab woman from the north, with 3 young children, 1 with Down’s Syndrome. Married, husband lost his job within the last year. She had been the sole family support, working as a beloved member of the nursing staff at a large Israeli hospital for many years, until she was diagnosed with breast cancer that required a mastectomy, in July.  She will begin chemotherapy soon. The entire department where she works helped her with her application. IBCERFgrant awarded, August 19, 2012.