Profiles in Courage – February 2020 – A Hard But Good Day at the Lemonade Fund

A good day at the Lemonade Fund is when you read the worst stories…so sad they make you weep…and then you jump in and help. What’s better than that?
R., is a 45 year old divorced mother of 3 children, ages 23, 13 and 10, diagnosed recently with Stage 4 breast cancer, metastasized to her liver. She’s waiting for special services to kick in but she has no savings and is supporting her family on a small income that is way beneath the poverty line. One of her children has special needs and R. is stressed all around, from illness, financial woes and worry. The Lemonade Fund awarded R. a generous grant so that she can breathe a bit easier during this difficult time, until more help arrives.
U. is 27, married with a 5 and a 7 year old. Her husband used to own a restaurant but after it failed, they declared bankruptcy. The family was just climbing out of debt when U. was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now starting rigorous chemotherapy which will be followed by surgery. Her husband is finding work wherever he can and her mother cannot help U. because she herself has cancer. U.’s social worker applied to the Lemonade Fund for a grant to help pay for extra household and childcare help so that U. can focus on her treatment and recovery.
The Lemonade Fund, Israel’s only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund.