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When the Financial Burden of a Parent’s Cancer Falls on the Children – December 2018.

R., age 55, from Jerusalem has psychiatric problems (several hospitalizations,) a broken leg and now, breast cancer. She recently underwent a mastectomy and is about to start chemotherapy, despite being currently bedridden. Her 30 year-old daughter (pregnant with her third child,) works full-time (NIS 3000/month salary,) and is the sole caretaker for her mother, for all of her health and financial affairs. R. is deeply in debt and gets by with a small disability check and rental assistance. However, all of the daughter’s extra expenses (caused by her mother’s illness,) such as transportation and babysitting costs, time lost from work, are not covered. The Lemonade Fund application process, aided by hospital social workers, allows us to get a picture of the patient’s family situation. We all know that cancer impacts an entire family. In some cases, the caretakers are overburdened and need financial help badly so they don’t crash! The Lemonade Fund is here for these patients and their families. 

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Profiles in Courage – August 2017

This month we are paying tribute to the husband of a breast cancer patient and a group of volunteers who are helping this family with the gift of cooked food. A. is a young mother from Azerbaijan, living in the center of the country with her husband and three children, ages 7-14. A.’s breast cancer has spread to her brain and her husband quit his day job and took on night work, so that he can care for his wife himself, during the day. A social worker called us to ask if we could help with cooked meals, as there was no one preparing food for the family. Within ONE HOUR of posting the request on our website and Facebook page, 2 months of every other day dinners (including delivery) were covered! The family is overwhelmed by the kindness that they are witnessing. The children now have cooked food and the husband is a bit more at peace. This is a powerful way to give.

The Lemonade Fund wants everyone to know that charity can come in many forms. Emergency financial grants are always needed, and we welcome your donations to allow us to continue our standard mission, but know that people in rough situations often need more than what money can buy.

You are welcome to sign up to be part of the “mealtrain” list, currently in the Sharon area. Because we have so many volunteers, most people do not have to cook more than once a month, if that.

We would love to expand our reach to other areas of Israel. The meal delivery schedule is run by a remarkable computer program and it is very little work to set up a calendar that sends reminders and has all the delivery info for volunteers.

If you’d like more info about starting a Lemonade Fund meal delivery effort outside of the Sharon area, or to sign up for our list in the Sharon area, please write to:


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