The ESRA Lemonade Fund is administered by the Israeli volunteer organization, ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association,) a registered Israeli non-profit organization (No. 580037455.)

Your donation, for which you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt, can be made in the following ways:

  1. ISRAEL and US donations:

      2. NEW* Australia donations:

  • The Lemonade Fund welcomes Australian donors! To donate through the JNF as one of their projects:

     3. Tax Exempt donation from the United Kingdom:.

  • The Lemonade Fund welcomes UK donors! To donate through Myisrael as one of their projects:


By Telephone: Call the ESRA office and make your donation by credit card (972) (9-950-8371).

By Check:

(Israeli checks must be made payable to ‘ESRA Lemonade Fund.’)

In Israel, please mail checks to:

ESRA, Lemonade Fund, POB 175, Raanana, ISRAEL, 43101

(American Checks must be made payable to ‘PEF.’ Please attach a note or write on the check that it is a donation to ‘ESRA/The Lemonade Fund.’)

In the US, please mail checks to:

P.E.F. Endowment Funds, Inc.,
630 Third Avenue, Suite 1501
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-599-1260.

For donations from other countries:

Please contact the ESRA office to find out the best way of making your donation to the ESRA Lemonade Fund from your country.
Call ESRA +972-9-9508371, email:



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