To Donate לתרום


US donations in USD with a US tax deductible receipt:

CHECKS: Please make check out to: “American Support for Israel” and write “580674752 Lemonade Israel” in the memo section. Mail check to: American Support for Israel, POB 3263, Washington, DC 2001

The International arm of the Lemonade Fund is administered by ISRAEL LEMONADE, a registered Israeli non-profit  (No. 580674752.)


תרומות ישראליות (בשקלים בלבד!) עם קבלת ניכוי מס בגין ישראל
Israeli donations in NIS, with an IL tax deductible receipt:


UK Donations:
Please visit The Lemonade Fund’s page on 


For donations by telephone or further enquiries, please contact our office:
לתרומות בטלפון או אם יש לך שאלות נוספות, אנא צור קשר עם משרדנו

Ph +972-546212365  email:



3 responses

    1. Hi, Alona, apologies for the delayed response. Please write to us at so that we can send you more info. Wishing your friend the best.

      Thanks! Shari

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