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  1. I was downsizing and packing up my house to move to Modiin after nearly 50 years in Beer Sheva, to be closer to my children and grandchildren when I went for my routine, every-two-years mammogram. I was shocked to my core to hear a month later that I had invasive breast cancer. I was “lucky” in that I am supported by my family, and in that my cancer was discovered very early. I was not lucky in that I had triple negative breast cancer, leaving me with a diagnosis of Stage 3 and few treatment options. So I threw everything at it: lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. I am still recovering from side effects of radiotherapy. After reading a bit about Lemonade Fund and its wonderful work, I admire you greatly, but still have a question. Why do you limit possible recipients to Stage 4 cancer only? I myself was Stage 1a. Grade 3, but as a 72 year old widow, disabled with osteoarthritis of the spine, and having moved to a new city weeks after my breast cancer diagnosis, I would have been overwhelmed during radiotherapy with daily back-and-forth Modiin-Hadasah Ein Kerem-Modiin if it hadn’t been for the wonderful volunteers from Mandelat HaLev. They did not have any “requirements” of cancer stage or grade.
    I urge you to reconsider including possible recipients with all stages and grades of cancer also.
    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    1. Hi, Judy. First of all, thanks for your kind words about the Lemonade Fund. Second, sorry for all you’ve gone through and we wish you a speedy and full recovery. Lastly, we give grants to breast cancer patients with all stages and grades, not only stage 4. (A patient who was diagnosed originally with early stage BC who has a recurrence as stage 4 is eligible for a second grant, the only exception we can make to one time awards.) We will re-examine our ABOUT page to possibly make it more clear and avoid confusion. Thanks, Judy!

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