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Emergency Financial Aid For Breast Cancer Patients



Lemonade Fund News – October 2021 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Welcome to Pinktober at the Lemonade Fund, where we are raising awareness about breast cancer. If you haven’t already, schedule your yearly health screenings, including mammograms. Early detection of cancer can save lives. 

Despite this, some women (men, too…1% of breast cancer patients are men,) are afraid to get checked even after having symptoms, such as lumps or other changes in breast shape. One Lemonade Fund recipient, a single mother who fled an abusive husband, ignored a lump because she was the sole breadwinner and she feared bankruptcy if she had to stop working. She was diagnosed at Stage 4 and sadly, died.

Her story pushed us to expand, to alert Israeli citizens that a safety net, the Lemonade Fund, exists for breast cancer patients, beyond National Health Institute allowances. To help patients with cost of living expenses during treatment, etc. Because we can all do this if we work together…

Please support the Israel Lemonade Fund, Israel’s only Breast Cancer emergency relief fund. Thank you!


We award emergency grants to cover non-medical expenses, providing a financial and emotional boost during a time of confusion and devastation. Social service assistance exists, but it takes time to implement, time patients often don’t have. We provide immediate direct financial assistance to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients so that they can focus on recovery. 

A few examples of these out of pocket expenses:

Transportation costs to doctor appointments or treatment.

Income lost due to time off from work (patient or partner)

Basic cost of living expenses

Extra childcare, household help and other family support



I’ll never forget this first push you gave me, it was my first step towards winning my battle against cancer.


I really appreciate all the support that I got…. when I shared about cancer and the dissolution of my marriage, a couple of weeks ago. It shocked me. It shocked me, because I am not used to it.

Lemonade Fund Grant Recipient

I had to say thank you to you. In the presence of the huge crisis facing the world now, it was a very unusual experience to discover such great deeds from people. So thank you very much, Lemonade Fund!

Lemonade Fund Grant Recipient



Help us continue supporting breast cancer patients in Israel.




The Lemonade Fund is here to help you if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and you are struggling financially.