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Emergency Financial Aid For Breast Cancer Patients



What We Do

The Lemonade Fund awards  grants to help cover non-medical expenses for Israeli breast cancer patients who are in financial crisis. Difficult treatment, coupled with income loss, means many patients can’t pay basic living expenses because they can’t work. We work with social workers and hospital staff to identify and screen applicants using a detailed point system based on financial need.

Your Impact

Since its founding in 2011 the Lemonade Fund has never had to deny a qualified applicant due to a lack of funds. Thank You! 

Lemonade Fund grant applications processed: January-May 2023

Lemonade Fund grants approved for single mothers with children under 21: January-May 2023

Recipient Stories


I’ll never forget this first push you gave me, it was my first step towards winning my battle against cancer.


I really appreciate all the support that I got…. when I shared about cancer and the dissolution of my marriage, a couple of weeks ago. It shocked me. It shocked me, because I am not used to it.


I had to say thank you to you. In the presence of the huge crisis facing the world now, it was a very unusual experience to discover such great deeds from people. So thank you very much, Lemonade Fund!



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Remembering the Sacrifice

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From Our Founder

Thoughts and insights on patient advocacy, cancer-induced financial distress and the state of breast cancer support in Israel from the Lemonade Fund’s founder and Manager, Shari Mendes

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The Lemonade Fund is here to help you if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and you are struggling financially.