A thank you from a Lemonade Fund Grant recipient

To the Lemonade Fund:

My name is I.Z. I made aliyah (moved to Israel) with my mother, in 1995.

I met and had a relationship with a man after arriving. It was a mistake, but out of this relationship a son was born to me in 1997, and his name is T. The father of the boy disappeared and I have no communication with him, nor any support from him.

My mother died in 2010, and since then I’ve been alone with my son, with no other family at all here.

This year, in addition, I believe from all of the stress that I suffered, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started to receive chemotherapy treatments and had to stop working.

I received a grant from you, NIS ——–, and this is helping me enormously, while I wait to get my disability payments.

I just want to say thank you to you. This grant has really cheered me up and made me happy.

With blessings, I.Z.