And Now…Back to our Routine Crises…

No time to write a lot right now, but glad to talk about something other than rockets or ceasefires. I do want to mention that I was often struck by how ‘normal life’ struggles to push through, no matter how harrowing the conditions. I imagine this must be true on both sides. People have flat tires, get sick, try to get work done, etc, while a war is going on. Surreal.
In the midst of the chaos, the Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund committee met last week, and in keeping with the dismal mood, the cases this month seemed to be particularly heartbreaking. Applications came in from all over the country, though coincidentally, mostly from the south. All women this time, (men can get breast cancer, too) but from all sectors of Israeli society. Two of the women are stage 4, young and very sick. Kind of need miracles. For the first time I left one of these meetings feeling depressed (usually they’re very uplifting,) though I was grateful we were able to help all of the applicants.
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