…from where will my help come?

A peer-reviewed article published in Clinical Breast Cancer, addressed the limited financial support resources for breast cancer patients for bills, childcare, and post-treatment recovery.

The article cites a study that indicates nearly half of the patients receiving a breast cancer diagnosis experience at least moderate financial distress.

Nearly half. 

From that, one would assume that there were scores of resources to answer these needs and mitigate the associated risks. 

Yet in the entire United States, the authors identified only twelve independent, active funding opportunities. Like the Pink Fund, Hope Chest for Breast Cancer, Pink Aid’s Pink Purse. All have varying eligibility criteria, including location, treatment status and income levels. Further criteria noted were the need for childcare assistance, and age. Several foundations determine financial eligibility based on patient-specific criteria.

The glaring conclusion: more help is needed. 

“…Breast cancer incurs a great cost to a patient and their care associates; however, there is an apparent lack of resources readily available to assist these patients. Identifying and centralizing the existing financial programs and developing fundraising initiatives that provide more targeted funding is one important first step to supporting our breast cancer patients from diagnosis to treatment and remission.”

Here at home in Israel, our social worker partners in Israel’s hospitals and health funds hear this cry for help every day. Even with our comprehensive national healthcare (for which we have much to be grateful for!) They process hundreds of applications for Lemonade Fund grants from people who cannot make ends meet because of their illness. They know that our criteria are completely transparent, democratic and fair. A point system is used to evaluate every application with no regard to race, religion or location in Israel. 

In all of Israel, the Lemonade Fund is the only independent, active foundation singly focused on alleviating the risks of breast cancer-induced financial distress. We know more help is needed. We are doing our best. We welcome you to join us on the journey.