Something To Celebrate

Like every year, on the day preceding Independence Day we acknowledge and thank our soldiers for their service and sacrifice that made our country possible. And despite our differences of opinions and challenges that seem a little louder than usual this year, Israel has a lot to celebrate on its 75th anniversary. 

Israel’s public healthcare system is one of them. The overarching mission to provide quality, equal access to healthcare services is a model that is envied throughout the world. 

It is by no means perfect. Healthcare inequalities exist, even in cancer care.  In the periphery, home to some of the poorest, most under-served populations and minorities, access to healthcare facilities and services is a costly challenge that can adversely affect outcomes.

Even young soldiers can face cancer challenges. Like C., a 20 year-old soldier, who was only weeks away from completing her army service when she was diagnosed with breast cancer  and suffered a financial crisis after her diagnosis. 

Where government and social welfare agencies fall short, NGOs like the Lemonade Fund are doing their best to close the gaps and offer help where it is most needed. In this case, especially by a vibrant young soldier who contributes so much to her country. 

This is the Israel we celebrate this 75th Independence Day. Israel has faced daunting challenges before in its short history, and we work through them. What will remain constant is our drive to make the world a better place. Giving emergency financial grants to those who are very ill and very needy at the same time is the Lemonade Fund’s mission and contribution to this effort. We are gratified that we can help breast cancer patients like C.