New Year Profiles in Courage

A., 26, single and from the south, originally from Uzbekistan, was recently diagnosed in October with stage IV breast cancer. The cancer had already spread to A.’s bones and liver and she is in a great deal of pain. She has moved back to live with her parents, as she is no longer able to care for herself. Her mother is also being treated for breast cancer, but is still able to help her daughter. However, between caring for her daughter and keeping up with her own treatments, A.’s mother had to stop working, and her father had lost his job.  The family is struggling to make ends meet. Their application for a Lemonade Fund grant was approved.
C., is a man from the center of the country who has been beset with health problems for most of his life He is currently battling a recurrence of breast cancer. 1% of breast cancers occur in men, and C. is the second male applicant to the Lemonade Fund. He lived with his mother following his first diagnosis, and she helped him financially afterwards. She has since died, and he is now living with his brother who suffers from mental illness himself, and can’t be of much assistance to C. Having lymphedema and diabetes has made it increasingly difficult for C. to move and get around. He is unable to work and is in severe financial crisis. His social worker submitted an application to the Lemonade Fund on his behalf and a grant was issued to him to help him get through this difficult period.
2015 has started out with a record number of applications to the Lemonade Fund. Please consider making a contribution so that we can continue to help the country’s neediest breast cancer patients. Thank you.