November 2013- Profiles in Courage

The Lemonade Fund had a record number of applicants in November. Many stories, but one stands out in singular sadness and bravery:
A. is a 32 year old mother of three young children living in the center of the country. She is of Ethiopian Jewish descent, and was recently separated from her husband. A. supported the family by working in a supermarket, stocking shelves, but had to stop working recently when she discovered she had metastatic breast cancer. She is now undergoing aggressive treatment and has moved in with her parents in the south so that they can help her care for her children as she can no longer do so alone. Throughout all of this, A. has not let go of a private mission – to complete her education. She petitioned the Lemonade Fund for financial help with necessities but she also wrote about her dream.  A. has been studying at night for a college degree and doesn’t want anything, not even serious illness, to get in her way. She says that it gives her hope for her future. We at the Lemonade Fund see our help as a complementary form of medicine. The mind-body connection is powerful, and a reason to be hopeful may be as important to A. as her chemotherapy. The Lemonade Fund is inspired by people like A., and it is we who are privileged to help her.
Please consider making an end of the year donation to the Lemonade Fund. Thank you!
(We would also be grateful if you would share this message with others and introduce them to the work of the Lemonade Fund, the Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund. We give financial assistance to needy Israeli breast cancer patients who are in active treatment, so they can concentrate on the more important work of getting well. )

To Donate

The Lemonade Fund is a welfare project administered by the Israeli volunteer organization, ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association.)
Your donation, for which you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt, can be made in the following ways:
By Telephone: Call the ESRA office and make your donation by credit card (972) (9-950-8371).
By Check: (Israeli checks must be made out to ‘ESRA.’ )
In Israel, mail checks to:
ESRA, Lemonade Fund, POB 175, Raanana, Israel 43101
(American Checks must be made out to ‘PEF.’ Please attach a note earmarking the donation to ‘The Lemonade Fund.’)
In the US, mail checks to:
P.E.F. Endowment Funds, Inc., Room 607 317 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212-599-1260.
Tax Exempt donation from the United Kingdom and other countries: Please contact the ESRA office to find out the best way of making your donation to ESRA from your country. Call ESRA +972-9-9508371, email: