Profile: Veronica, May Lemonade Fund Grant Recipient

Veronica, 40, a 2012 immigrant from the Ukraine, was diagnosed with stage IIIB breast cancer soon after her arrival in Israel.  She is fortunate to  have a devoted 16 year old daughter who came to Israel a few years earlier as part of high school program for lone students from the Former Soviet Union (FSU.) Veronica’s plans for learning Hebrew and starting a new life in Israel with her daughter were cut short by her diagnosis. She is in the midst of intensive treatment without Hebrew language skills or any family support other than that of her daughter, who translates for her and assists her mother with all of her needs. Veronica is unable to work and she and her daughter have been living off of her new immigrant benefits which are almost depleted. Social services will provide some assistance, but we at the Lemonade Fund can help this mother/daughter team cope financially during this difficult period in their lives.  We wish Veronica a speedy recovery and send love to her and her wonderful daughter. Thanks to all of you who support the Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund (The Lemonade Fund.)
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