Profiles in Courage – June and July 2014

S., 44 years old, from a city in the center of the country, applied to the Lemonade Fund when she felt she had no where else to turn. S., recently diagnosed with breast cancer, lives with her elderly mother (who requires full-time care) and her husband who is no longer able to work as a butcher due to mental illness. S. was unable to have children but has worked for many years with disabled children. Due to the side effects of chemotherapy she is currently not working and her small family is living on minimal disability payments. She has fallen behind on many payments as well and debts are piling up. The Lemonade Fund was created in order to help breast cancer patients weather difficult financial times so that they can concentrate on recovery. S. was awarded a generous grant and we wish her a swift recovery.
T., 61 years old, is a divorced mother of three, living on a small pension in a fourth floor walk up in Kiryat Malachi, a town in the south that has been hard hit during Operation Protective Edge. Breast cancer, originally diagnosed seventeen years ago, has returned and metastasized. She is in a great deal of pain and applied to the Lemonade Fund for help to pay for pain medicines that are not fully covered by insurance as well as for assistance with travel expenses to the hospital where she is being treated. (Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva.) We at the Lemonade Fund hope that T.’s grant will help alleviate some of the considerable pain and stress that she is under at this point.