Two Recent Thank You Letters to the Lemonade Fund from Grant Recipients

To the Lemonade Fund:
My name is R., and I want to express my deep thanks for your decision to help me this time.
This grant has helped me enormously to get through this difficult and dark period in my life, in a more optimistic and positive way.Your generousity has been very meaningful to me. Bless you.
With many thanks and blessings,
To the Lemonade Fund:
I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for the financial help that you granted to me. I am very grateful that you considered my request and gave me help. Your grant made it possible for me to pay for rides to examinations, doctor visits and chemotherapy treatments. The help brought me a hopefulness and ease of spirit during this very difficult time.
Thank you very much,
N, (This applicant was referred by a Social Worker who saw N.’s difficulty. Prior to receiving a Lemonade Fund grant, N. had to take several public buses to get to the hospital, a true hardship while undergoing harsh treatments. She applied for a grant to help her specifically with transportation. The Lemonade Fund grant allowed her to pay for private drivers when she needed them.)