"…It was a very unusual experience to discover such great deeds from people."

Dear Lemonade Fund:

My father fell ill with a very aggressive form of cancer over six months ago. We were having trouble coping with the shock of the diagnosis and dealing with the treatments, the new situation…when suddenly a new crisis arose – Corona.
This world that we are trying to deal with as cancer patients, we are already dealing with a more complex reality in addition to Corona! Our nuclear family was struggling to figure out how to deal with it all. And then came the contribution, the taxi rides from the Lemonade Fund, (funded by a generous grant from the Inbar and Marius Nacht Foundation.)
I have no words to thank you for this rare work of yours, which has allowed my father to get to his chemotherapy treatments. It has enabled him to fight for his life.
My father lives in Haifa, but the doctor who is expert in his aggressive cancer works at Ichilov Hospital (Tel Aviv.)
Corona threatened my father’s chance to fight for his life due to having to undertake this long journey with a compromised immune system.  And then during a time without public transportation after it was cancelled. And then there was the worry that our family had about this situation.
I had to say thank you to you. In the presence of the huge crisis facing the world now, it was a very unusual experience to discover such great deeds from people. So thank you very much, Lemonade Fund! Thank you also to our social worker, S. You have proven that there are good people all along the way.
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