THIS LIFE MATTERS – Lemonade Fund June 2020

M. was smuggled to Israel from Sudan in 2011. He had become an activist against the Sudanese government (after witnessing the murder of his parents, siblings and oldest child,) and it was dangerous for him to stay. The resistance helped M. reach Israel, and once here he was detained and then granted political asylum. Despite his rescue he was distraught about abandoning his wife and two young children in Sudan. Finding work was challenging, and then in 2015 M. was diagnosed with breast cancer (1% of breast cancer occurs in men.) He received treatment at Israeli hospitals and was released.
A few years ago, with the aid of a local charity that helps refugees, M. was able to relocate to subsidized housing in Jerusalem where he found work. He suffers from PTSD, nightmares and psychological problems, in addition to a slipped disc and diabetes. He is obsessed with worry about his family.
M. was referred to the Lemonade Fund after being diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer this year, which has made it impossible for him to work. By June, M. had a balance of 23 shekels in his bank account. He will qualify for National Insurance disability payments, but this help isn’t immediate. Until it comes through, the emergency grant M. received from the Lemonade Fund last week will afford him dignity and calm while he undergoes treatment.
The Lemonade Fund gives emergency financial support to needy Israeli breast cancer patients, of any race, religion, age or sex, so that they can focus on recovery.
Your donation will also help us continue our special program: TAXI RIDES FOR ISRAELI CANCER PATIENTS DURING CORONA.
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Photo of Clinic for Refugees run by Israel Magen David Adom