Profiles in Courage – August 2016

E., 33, lives in a Bedouin community near Beer Sheva. She discovered a lump in her breast near the end of her first pregnancy. E. had overcome years of infertility to carry a child and she is now facing an early induced labor with immediate breast cancer treatment to follow. With the help of her Social Worker, E. wrote to the Lemonade Fund requesting financial assistance for the period after the birth. She is afraid of not being able to cope with the treatments and her baby at the same time and is asking for money to hire help. Her husband is unemployed but is looking for work and her mother is dealing with her own bout of breast cancer.
H. is a middle-aged divorced mother of 3 grown children from a coastal city. who has had her share of challenges in the last 10 years. Her youngest son was severely injured in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and after years of rehabilitation he is finally able to move out and begin university. H. feels that the stress of her son’s ordeal and PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome,) has had an impact on her own health. She has survived two kinds of cancer and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Though she formerly had a high level career, helping her son and dealing with her own illnesses necessitated her withdrawal from her work, and the family fell into debt. H. is a proud woman who hasn’t yet asked for help but she is reeling from the side effects of chemotherapy and now feels she must seek help. Her Social Worker recommended she apply to the Lemonade Fund until she gets back on her feet.
Both women. (and others like them,)  were awarded grants from the Lemonade Fund and we wish them well.
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