Profiles in Courage – January 2020

G., 62, divorced, was a proudly self-supporting senior citizen until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had worked as a bookkeeper and then transitioned to eldercare. Lymphedema, a side effect of surgery to remove malignant lymph glands, has caused limited mobility in her right arm and she can no longer do her job. She has become depressed due to her loss of independence and descent into poverty. A Lemonade Fund grant will tide her over until she gets National Insurance payments and can get back on her feet.
M. is a 41 year old married mother of 6, ranging in age from 7-16. Her husband worked in a supermarket until he got kidney disease; he is now getting dialysis and is disabled. M. was diagnosed with a second round of breast cancer in 2019 and the family (including 2 children with emotional problems,) is in financial crisis. The Lemonade Fund awarded M. a generous grant which included a supplemental food voucher from Myisrael (designated for Lemonade Fund grant recipients with families with young children.)
The Lemonade Fund – Israel’s only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund, giving critical financial assistance during treatment so patients can focus on recovery.
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