Profiles in Courage – January 2021

Starting 2021 with stories of 2 breast cancer patients who needed help, who got Lemonade Fund grants this week:

R., 42 years old, married with 4 children (ages 7-15.) (Husband not working, is fully disabled.) D. was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in August, now also not working, family in very poor financial situation. 

N., 71 year old widow. 4 living children (1 died from cancer 20 years ago, another lives with her due to mental health issues.) Recently widowed after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and left with husband’s debts (of which she was unaware.) Was an assistant kindergarten teacher and has no savings. She lives solely on her pension and her son’s disability payments, and is now facing bankruptcy.

Your donation helps give Israeli breast cancer patients room to breathe while they are in treatment. Thank you!

2021 – Lemonade Fund 10th Anniversary Year!