Profiles in Courage – May 2017

H., 37, married and the mother of a toddler, is from Jerusalem. Her husband, completely blind from a degenerative disease, is employed by a non-profit organization. H. worked as a teacher until she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She can no longer work due to her illness and the side effects of her treatments. The family has expenses that now exceed their income and they have little support from family, (H.’s mother is also being treated for cancer.) Their neighbors pitch in but they can’t provide as much assistance as this young family needs right now. The Lemonade Fund awarded H. an emergency relief grant which we hope will ease her financial pressure during this difficult time. Our wish is to lighten the load on seriously ill breast cancer patients so that they can concentrate on health and family.
D., 60, lives in the south with her husband and one of her five adult children. This son has been living at home with his parents since he was injured in a terror attack. D. was diagnosed with breast cancer and has used up all of her sick days from her work and is now waiting for her disability payments from Bituach Leumi, National Insurance, to come through. In the meantime, the family is living on her retired husband’s small pension and is having trouble making ends meet. They were awarded a Lemonade Fund grant to tide them over while D. is undergoing treatment.
Please help alleviate the financial pressure of disadvantaged Israeli breast cancer patients. Please donate to the Lemonade Fund: