Profiles in Courage – May 2018

Imagine that you are 29, married to a former drug addict who was recently released from prison, and you suddenly find a lump in your breast. You are the sole breadwinner because your husband is on house arrest. You inherited his debts and you are now looking at a double whammy of chemo and bankruptcy. He is on the mend, and you’ll be fine once you return to work, but what do you do while you are in treatment and can’t work? Thankfully, your hospital social worker knows about the ESRA Lemonade Fund, the breast cancer emergency relief fund that gives one-time grants to breast cancer patients who are facing economic challenges due to their illness. She applied for a grant on your behalf to get you through this rough patch until you’re back on your feet. The grant was sent and we at the Lemonade Fund are happy we could help.
In the last year, the Lemonade Fund has expanded our services to more breast centers in Israel. We want to be here to help Israeli breast cancer patients who are in financial crisis, so that they can focus on recovery. Join us in helping them. Thanks!
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