Profiles in Courage – November 2016

F., a 52 year old woman from Sderot with Stage 4 breast cancer, applied to the Lemonade Fund with an unusually straightforward request. “I just need a break so I can rest and gain some strength. My son is getting married soon.” F. is in a great deal of pain from metastases to her bones; it is hard for her to walk. Despite this she has been running her household as her husband is disabled. The family is living on disability payments alone and this isn’t enough to pay for extra household help. The Lemonade Fund was created to give one-time grants to help breast cancer patients and their families weather crisis moments during treatment. We are happy to help F., and her family during this difficult time.
B. is a 49 year old divorced mother of three. Her youngest child is 14 and she lives with B. full time. B. was diagnosed with breast cancer in April soon after declaring bankruptcy of a small business. She had been working in temporary jobs to repay her debts but hasn’t been able to work since starting chemotherapy and the small family is struggling to pay for even basic needs. In addition, B. has a long commute to the hospital and her transportation costs are high. The Lemonade Fund awarded B. a grant to help with basic living costs so she can focus on the important work of recovery.
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