• 44 year old, married, 3 children, Stage 4, second diagnosis. Financial crisis in family. Immunocompromised but NO money for private taxi rides until the Lemonade Fund stepped in.

Kiryat Gat to Be’er Sheva for chemo and bio treatment.

Average taxi fare = NIS 230 ($65)

Awarded special TAXI grant of NIS 920 ($255) – 4 TAXI RIDES

  • 57 year old married mother of one. Cashier, used up sick days, husband missing his shifts in factory to care for wife. Frantic about how to get to the hospital during Corona outbreak, until the Lemonade Fund helped.

Karmiel to Haifa for chemo/rads.

Average taxi fare from Carmiel to Haifa = NIS 180 ($50).

Awarded special TAXI grant of NIS 900 ($250) – 5 TAXI RIDES

The Lemonade Fund launched an urgent appeal on March 8, to help patients take private taxis, so that they will not miss their treatments during this difficult time. (For the average breast cancer patient: Radiation – 25 sessions. Chemotherapy – 12-24 sessions.) Cancer patients are being urged to avoid public transportation.

Average Israeli intra-city taxi fee: NIS 50 ($15)
Common Israeli inter-city taxi fee: NIS 180 ($50)
Please donate taxi rides, (one or more,) or any amount that you can. THANK YOU!

Cancer patients are being advised NOT to take  public transportation during the Corona outbreak. Most needy Lemonade Fund applicants cannot afford taxis. (Health insurance only reimburses for public transportation or a taxi in one direction.)

We will continue to send money directly to patients in need as long as this emergency campaign is funded. Thank you to those who have already donated. (Tax deductible in Israel, US and other countries.)