Urgent: Rushing to Help Breast Cancer Patients During Holidays and Lockdown

We are seeing an unprecedented number of requests for emergency financial aid right now. We are rushing to send funds to breast cancer patients and their families, who are in crises. On top of breast cancer, for many of our applicants, Corona has caused job loss, layoffs or an inability to be in a risky job setting. Lockdown will now add a new layer of difficulty. Most applicants need help supplementing basic living costs (food, rent, transportation to treatments, etc.)
Oncology social workers throughout the country are contacting us NOW due to the severe economic toll on their patients. Approved applicants are getting their grants immediately. Lemonade Fund grants are more than just money. They are a sign that these families are not alone, that we are all with them.
9 Lemonade Fund grants sent last week…one among them…
T. Single mother of 3 young children, fired from her job, then dx with Stage 4 Triple Negative BC. Desperate situation.
Please consider donating to the Lemonade Fund at this critical time.
Thanks for your support. A happy and a healthy New Year. May this be a time of new beginnings.
TO DONATE: https://lemonadefund.org/to-donate/
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