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December 2013 – Profiles in Courage

Y., is a married, 39-year-old mother of four from the center of the country. She was just diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer, this time in the form of metastases to her lungs. To make her story that much more difficult, her oldest son was just diagnosed with leukemia. Her husband, who works in a correctional institution, has exceeded his paid family leave benefits and is now on leave without pay in order to care for his wife, his son and his younger children. Though formerly solvent, this family has been pushed into financial crisis due to the impact of serious illness. The Lemonade Fund, aka, the Israel Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund, was created in order to help women like Y., and their families, and we awarded them a Lemonade Fund grant to tide them over during this difficult time.

The Lemonade Fund is a grass-roots organization with virtually no overhead.  More than 90% of the money donated to the Lemonade Fund goes directly to grants. We are able to do because of a conscious decision to keep things this way. Though we are an official, registered Israeli charity, we have no fancy offices, brochures, etc.,  – just direct  requests for your help. Please consider donating to the Lemonade Fund so we can continue this important work. (Donations will receive tax deductible receipts.)  Thank you.

TO DONATE: https://lemonadefund.org/to-donate/

TO READ MORE ABOUT THE LEMONADE FUND: https://lemonadefund.org/about/

Transportation Assistance Needed

Request for TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE from social workers for a past Lemonade Fund recipient who has now been newly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones. Patient needs rides to and/or from Taibe to Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava. Even driving her one way, once, would help if we get enough volunteers. Or, you can help financially – we would like to raise NIS 500 for a special one time transportation grant for her. She is 54, single, a former factory worker, now unable to work. She has been taking several buses each day, but this is not easy given her condition. Email: info@lemonadefund.org Thank you!



Susan Gubar presents an insightful way to be thankful on this day. The Lemonade Fund gave a record number of grants this month, in time for Channukah, to Israeli breast cancer patients. This fund would never have been created without the eye opening experience of having cancer. Though no one would wish for it, one can be grateful for the good that can be born out of such an experience.

Yummy summer lemon recipe

Yummy summer lemon recipe

The Lemonade Fund shares another cool lemon recipe. With thanks to Jamie Geller, http://www.joyofkosher.com, (Congrats and welcome to her, too, on her recent aliyah, move to Israel.)

Financial Cost of Having Cancer

Financial Cost of Having Cancer

Suleika Jaouad, age 24, has been chronicling her experience with cancer. In this column she touches on the financial cost of having cancer. Even with universal health insurance (as we have here in Israel,) the ancillary costs of a serious illness are substantial. Great article. Thanks to charities such as the Lemonade Fund that help patients cope financially while undergoing treatment.