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  • 44 year old, married, 3 children, Stage 4, second diagnosis. Financial crisis in family. Immunocompromised but NO money for private taxi rides until the Lemonade Fund stepped in.

Kiryat Gat to Be’er Sheva for chemo and bio treatment.

Average taxi fare = NIS 230 ($65)

Awarded special TAXI grant of NIS 920 ($255) – 4 TAXI RIDES

  • 57 year old married mother of one. Cashier, used up sick days, husband missing his shifts in factory to care for wife. Frantic about how to get to the hospital during Corona outbreak, until the Lemonade Fund helped.

Karmiel to Haifa for chemo/rads.

Average taxi fare from Carmiel to Haifa = NIS 180 ($50).

Awarded special TAXI grant of NIS 900 ($250) – 5 TAXI RIDES

The Lemonade Fund launched an urgent appeal on March 8, to help patients take private taxis, so that they will not miss their treatments during this difficult time. (For the average breast cancer patient: Radiation – 25 sessions. Chemotherapy – 12-24 sessions.) Cancer patients are being urged to avoid public transportation.

Average Israeli intra-city taxi fee: NIS 50 ($15)
Common Israeli inter-city taxi fee: NIS 180 ($50)
Please donate taxi rides, (one or more,) or any amount that you can. THANK YOU!

Cancer patients are being advised NOT to take  public transportation during the Corona outbreak. Most needy Lemonade Fund applicants cannot afford taxis. (Health insurance only reimburses for public transportation or a taxi in one direction.)

We will continue to send money directly to patients in need as long as this emergency campaign is funded. Thank you to those who have already donated. (Tax deductible in Israel, US and other countries.)

Profiles in Courage – February 2020 – A Hard But Good Day at the Lemonade Fund

A good day at the Lemonade Fund is when you read the worst stories…so sad they make you weep…and then you jump in and help. What’s better than that?

R., is a 45 year old divorced mother of 3 children, ages 23, 13 and 10, diagnosed recently with Stage 4 breast cancer, metastasized to her liver. She’s waiting for special services to kick in but she has no savings and is supporting her family on a small income that is way beneath the poverty line. One of her children has special needs and R. is stressed all around, from illness, financial woes and worry. The Lemonade Fund awarded R. a generous grant so that she can breathe a bit easier during this difficult time, until more help arrives.

U. is 27, married with a 5 and a 7 year old. Her husband used to own a restaurant but after it failed, they declared bankruptcy. The family was just climbing out of debt when U. was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now starting rigorous chemotherapy which will be followed by surgery. Her husband is finding work wherever he can and her mother cannot help U. because she herself has cancer. U.’s social worker applied to the Lemonade Fund for a grant to help pay for extra household and childcare help so that U. can focus on her treatment and recovery.

The Lemonade Fund, Israel’s only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund.


Profiles in Courage – January 2020

G., 62, divorced, was a proudly self-supporting senior citizen until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had worked as a bookkeeper and then transitioned to eldercare. Lymphedema, a side effect of surgery to remove malignant lymph glands, has caused limited mobility in her right arm and she can no longer do her job. She has become depressed due to her loss of independence and descent into poverty. A Lemonade Fund grant will tide her over until she gets National Insurance payments and can get back on her feet.

M. is a 41 year old married mother of 6, ranging in age from 7-16. Her husband worked in a supermarket until he got kidney disease; he is now getting dialysis and is disabled. M. was diagnosed with a second round of breast cancer in 2019 and the family (including 2 children with emotional problems,) is in financial crisis. The Lemonade Fund awarded M. a generous grant which included a supplemental food voucher from Myisrael (designated for Lemonade Fund grant recipients with families with young children.)

The Lemonade Fund – Israel’s only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund, giving critical financial assistance during treatment so patients can focus on recovery.

To Donate: (Tax deductible in US, UK, Australia and Israel)

The Last Lemonade Fund Grant of 2019

E. is a middle-aged divorcee with two adult children; a son who is schizophrenic and daughter who works full-time and has young children. Over the years E. supported herself and her children with no help from her ex-husband or family, by working as a scientist. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (and spinal problems,) and she has had to miss work due to the side effects of chemotherapy and pain. She has used up all of her sick leave and savings and she is very anxious about her financial situation. E. applied to the Lemonade Fund because she desperately needs extra help to get through this difficult time. This is exactly what we are here for…

The Lemonade Fund is Israel’s only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund. We give one-time grants to indigent Israeli breast cancer patients to ease their financial stress while they are in treatment. So they can focus on themselves, not their money worries.

We wish E. and all of our 2019 Lemonade Fund grant recipients, good health, recovery and peace.

We wish all of our Lemonade Fund supporters, happy holidays and good wishes going into 2020. We owe you a huge THANK YOU for helping us make 2019 a year of growth and expansion into more Israeli breast centers. We helped a record number of patients this past year, thanks to you. There is so much more to do…here’s to accomplishing even more in 2020!


Profiles in Courage – November 2019

For almost 9 years the Lemonade Fund has been giving emergency financial grants to the neediest Israeli breast cancer patients. We are a small but efficient charity with almost 100% of the money you donate going straight to these patients. We have tripled the amount of grants given monthly since 2011, but we can only continue to do this with your help. Please consider donating to the Lemonade Fund:

A few November cases:

S. is a divorced housewife with 4 children, one of whom is disabled. The father fled to the US and doesn’t send child support. S. has struggled to support her family and managed. Until now. She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to her liver and lungs. One of the main functions of the Lemonade Fund is to lower the level of stress for families, during this difficult time. S. was awarded an emergency Lemonade Fund grant that we hope will give her some respite so she can focus on her treatment and her family.

A. is a 48 year old mother of 2 children, from the south. Sadly, both children were born with the gene for ALS, (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a fatal neurological disease.) Her 21 year old son recently died from the disease and her 17 year old daughter is now confined to a wheelchair and is failing. Prior to the children developing ALS, A. worked as a caregiver for the elderly, however in July she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and she cannot work due to the side effects of the chemo. Her husband is unable to work full time and the family is having a hard time, financially. They were awarded a Lemonade Fund grant.

Average grant is NIS 2,100.

Thank you!

Profiles in Courage – October 2019 Lemonade Fund Grants

M., 33, has 2 young children, ages 3 and 5, and a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Hers is a good example of how a serious illness can propel a middle class family into financial crisis. Both she and her spouse had good jobs and were able to make payments on their mortgage and keep up with expenses. Until recently…Now M. cannot work during treatment and she has used up all of her sick leave. Her spouse is also losing income due to time off from work to care for his wife and children. Debts are piling up and they are consumed with worry. M. was given a Lemonade Fund grant to alleviate financial pressure so that she can focus on recovery.

G., 49, a Bedouin woman from the south, is the second wife of a man who is 20 years her senior and the mother of several children. She has been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. She is in significant pain and is unable to care for herself or her family. This is terribly depressing to her. The social workers at Soroka Hospital submitted an application to the Lemonade Fund on her behalf asking for assistance with childcare and household help as well as transportation to treatments. A Lemonade Fund grant was awarded to help G. through this difficult time.

25% more Lemonade Fund grants were given in 2019 than in 2018. Breast cancer often hits young families in the middle of life. The Lemonade Fund is the only emergency financial relief fund in Israel. Please donate.

Thank you! (Grants are available to qualified Israeli citizens within one year of diagnosis. Applications are available through social workers at breast centers in Israeli hospitals.)

Profiles in Courage – Lemonade Fund Grants September 2019

Two recent grants:

A. is an elderly holocaust survivor, a widow, who lost a daughter recently, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer in a hospital that is quite a distance from her home. She lives in public housing on a small pension (NIS 3200/month.) She has one remaining daughter who was A.’s main caretaker, but now the daughter, too, is unwell. The Lemonade Fund awarded A. a grant which will help A. with transportation and supplement her small pension while she is having treatment.

L. is a 47 year old divorced mother of 2 children. She lives with her parents and receives no alimony from her ex-husband. She has a history of depression and fibromyalgia, and she’s had a stroke. She used to be an accountant at a factory, but since her breast cancer diagnosis (and long treatment plan,) she hasn’t been able to work. The family already is NIS 10,000 in debt and the pressure is mounting. The Lemonade Fund gave L. a grant to alleviate her financial pressure so she can focus on recovery.

The Lemonade Fund is the only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief Fund in Israel, helping needy Israeli citizens with one-time grants while they are in treatment. Please join us in helping them. THANK YOU!

To Donate:

Profiles in Courage – May 2019

Hard stories this month…

K. is a 42 year old single mother of 5 currently living with her father on a moshav near Jerusalem. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 but she refused chemotherapy at the time due to the trauma of seeing her brother die from stomach cancer after grueling treatments. By 2017 her cancer had metastasized and it is now Stage IV. It is in her bones, liver and possibly brain and she is having difficulty walking. Her ex cannot or will not help her financially as he is bankrupt and deeply in debt. We received a letter from the Chief of Palliative Care at her hospital asking us to please help her and her family. (This is highly unusual; we normally get letters from the patients’ social workers only.) We awarded K. a Lemonade Fund grant which we hope will at least alleviate some of her financial pressure during this difficult time.

W. is a young widow who made aliyah from Ethiopia. She supports her two sons, 16 and 21, in any way that she can, having worked as a cleaner, a cook, a babysitter, etc. Her younger son is in boarding school and her older son is in prison. She was diagnosed in 2015 with breast cancer which has spread and is now Stage IV. She cannot work due to her illness and has used up all of her savings. She is consumed with worry about how she will pay tuition for her younger son, who helps her on weekends when he is at home. She has become very depressed and in need of support from any direction. Thankfully the Lemonade Fund was able to send her a grant this month.

If you would like to send additional help to these two recipients who are in especially difficult situations, please make a donation and send us an accompanying email asking us to earmark your donations to K. or W. from May 2019.


Thanks for your support for our work helping Israeli breast cancer patients in financial crisis due to their illness.


NOW! Your Donation Will Be Matched!

  • A donor has come forward and offered to cover half of the costs of our expansion, NIS 25,000 ($7,000,) challenging us to match his grant, shekel for shekel, dollar for dollar, to raise the other half.
  • Your donations will be matched by this donor. You can be part of this incredible initiative, helping indigent Israeli breast cancer patients in financial crisis due to illness!
  • Please consider a donation of an average grant, NIS 2,100 ($590,) or for ANY AMOUNT towards our goal of NIS 25,000 ($7,000,) 

Typical story. Last week the Lemonade Fund received an urgent request from a city Social Worker to pay the utility bills of a breast cancer patient who is also a victim of domestic violence. Single mother with 4 children. We did…

The Lemonade Fund is the only Breast Cancer Emergency Relief charity in Israel, and over the last year we have doubled the amount of money we are giving due to the pressing need.

Thank you!

To donate:

Profiles in Courage – April 2019 and a Thank You

Profiles of breast cancer patients who were awarded grants, in time for Passover:

Y., a young mother of twin girls (5) and an infant, was deserted by her husband when she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. He left Y. with a mountain of debt as well. Her family cannot help as her father is very ill with leukemia. Y. will have surgery after she completes intensive chemotherapy (to shrink her tumor.) She needs assistance with basic cost of living expenses as well as childcare and household help. Lemonade Fund grant awarded.

A. is a 64 year old artist from the south who continued to work despite being challenged by mental illness. She was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to her bones. Her husband has had to return from his job abroad to help care for her and the family is struggling, currently living on National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) subsidies alone. Lemonade Fund grant awarded.

S., 55, requested help (through her social worker,) with moving costs to move out of her small basement apartment. She had uterine cancer in 2008 and was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The apartment is dank and tiny and she feels that moving to a brighter apartment will help her immensely. Outlook can be everything when faced with a serious disease. Lemonade Fund grant awarded.

Still time to help before Passover, to donate:

Thank you, and sending out wishes for happy holidays!

A thank you note we received: (English follows Hebrew)

שלום לך , מלאך …

איני יודעת את שמך , ואולי גם לא אדע מעולם . אבל כנראה שלפעמים גם אין צורך להכיר כדי לדעת שהנשמה טהורה .

תודה לך .

תודה לך שגרמת לי להבין שיש עוד אנשים טובים באמצע הדרך ,

להבין שיש עוד אנשים שאכפת להם ,

גם אם לא מכירים ,

אולי כי הם עברו את אותה הדרך ,

אולי כי הם רואים רק את הטוב .

תודה שעזרת בסתר , בשקט ובלי לשאול שאלות .

זה כל כך לא מובן מאליו וזה כל כך ראוי להערכה .

תודה שהעלית לי חיוך רחב בכל המערבולת הזאת של חיי .

תודה לך מלאך .

Hello, my angel

I do not know your name, maybe I will never know.

But sometimes it seems there is no know, just need to know that there are pure souls.

Thank you.

And thank you for making me understand that there are other good people out there…

That there are other people who care…

Even if you don’t know them.

Maybe because they’ve been through the same thing,

Maybe because they only see the  good,

Thank you for helping anonymously, quietly and without asking questions…

It’s something that is not taken for granted and so deserving of appreciation

Thanking you for bringing a wide smile to my face in this vortex that is my life.

Thank you my angel,